Increasing Related Account Suspensions & Contacting Notice Dispute

Related account suspensions have increased dramatically.

We are getting call after call, chat, and email. If you are operating more than one Amazon account, you need to be super careful. And just this morning, we’ve heard from a few sellers who failed to update their VPNs, and that’s why they think they were caught. So related accounts are up. Be super careful. If you’re using a VPN, update it immediately, before you log back on after watching this video.

Your appeal button is putting many sellers into an endless loop with Amazon.

It’s sending you to the page to apply to sell certain brands and in certain categories. If you get stuck in this endless loop, don’t stress. Contact us. We are figuring out ways to get you out of this loop and if you don’t want to sell in that category, or you don’t want to sell that brand, don’t fill out that form. Don’t apply for brands or categories you don’t want to sell in. They’re coming back with negative replies and that does not help your account.

Notice dispute has been where you dispute IP right complaints to Amazon.

This is where you show Amazon you didn’t violate anybody’s intellectual property rights or the complainant doesn’t own the intellectual property rights. We’ve also been successful there by showing Amazon that the complainant is non-responsive. The problem is, the breaking news is, notice dispute is clearly winding itself down. We’re getting more and more bounce backs than ever. We suspect over the coming weeks, it will be totally shut down.

Suing a brand/company/person who’s made false complaints against you.

This can be done under the theories of defamation and interference with your contract with Amazon. Litigation is only worthwhile if it’s going to result in money to you, don’t let lawyers talk you into litigation needlessly. If it’s going to make you money, it might be a good business decision. If it’s only going to pay the lawyers, not the way to go.

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