Winning Plans of Action Reinstating Amazon Seller Accounts From Baseless Health & Beauty Complaints

Amazon sellers, this is Max, a remarkably intelligent member of our team. I met Max because I know his Dad going back decades to my personal injury days and his Dad is an awesome lawyer too. Max joined us as a paralegal, I think about six or eight months ago, and he was working on a case where the consumer complained about a health and beauty product because the texture didn’t feel right to the consumer. Now, I don’t know if the texture was good or bad, if it was too rough or too soft, I don’t even know if the consumer’s complaint was totally bogus, but you always treat a consumer complaint as if it is accurate. And you find your way in your plan of action to persuade Amazon, that consumers will not have the same problem with your products in the future.

So Max did exactly that. He wrote a plan of action and he focused on the product’s storage and the age of the product. He crafted great arguments about how the storage is going to be handled better, how the age of the product will be monitored more carefully. And lo and behold, Amazon’s consumers will be protected from lotion that is either too soft or too rough or whatever the consumer was making a complaint about. And we all know the consumer probably simply wanted a free product, but who cares? Max got the seller reinstated.

So if you’re an Amazon seller and you have similar problems with baseless health & beauty complaints, know that we’re available to you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Every plan of action you need to write is simply a bump in the road, it’s simply an obstacle you need to surpass, and you can do it and continue to thrive on Amazon.