I’m Dana Rodriguez, a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. I’d like to talk about a success story of mine.

So, recently I had a client who received a 24-hour dropshipping performance notification, which informed him that he received some complaints regarding his violation of Amazon’s dropshipping policy.

What this client was doing was they were receiving their products from Sam’s club and instead of sending the product directly from Sam’s club to the customer, which would be violating Amazon’s drop shipping policy, he was actually getting these products sent to his warehouse and not re-boxing them, not inspecting them, and sending Amazon customers these products in the Sam’s club box.

This is an issue because not only are you not representing yourself as the seller on record, you’re not inspecting your products either. So these customers could be receiving damaged goods or defective or a product that is missing a piece, etc.

Plans of Action for Suspended Amazon Sellers

So what we did was we informed Amazon of our client’s mistake and we provided them a new business plan that will ensure our client remains compliant moving forward. Our law firm got this client back up and running.

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