The seller’s POA failed. He needed help getting reinstated and making payroll.

We had a successful east coast Amazon seller come to us for assistance in getting his account reinstated. He started his business on his own and grew his company to currently employing 10 people. His seller account was suspended.

Experienced Amazon sellers can still have issues: often ASIN variations can cause suspensions.

He tried to appeal on his own behalf, but he wasn’t identifying the problem of why he was being suspended. We spoke with him, and together we realized that he was misusing ASIN variations. This means he was creating multi-packs (ex: 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner), putting them together to create his own bundles, and then selling them on the Amazon platform.

Bundling often works and is often very profitable, but sometimes it can violate Amazon’s policies. Often sellers don’t even know why they’re being suspended. Part of our process is identifying the problem because we reach out to the seller to get information and offer to help them to help themselves. In this case, they wanted to hire us to do the job for them, the same way you would hire an accountant to do your taxes.

Our process involves our sellers. You CANNOT draft unique appeals and POAs without the seller’s input.

We conferenced with our team to come up with a persuasive POA to help resolve the issue. We discussed what we should address in the appeal and then relayed this information to the client.

We drafted the Plan of Action and our client was reinstated after the 1st appeal.

When you hire Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, you are hiring an entire team of people. We work collaboratively with our staff and clients to ensure that they get the best possible appeal to get reinstated.

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