Our client sourced and sold designer brand sunglasses; items such as Gucci, Ray Ban, and Tiffany. Unfortunately, their account was hit with a used sold as new suspension. It was for just one ASIN listing, so the whole account wasn’t down; however, a seller should address these complaints as they come along.

As an Amazon seller, your ecommerce success depends on your cooperation with the rules and regulations set by Amazon. When you are conducting an online business through Amazon, a Used Sold as New ASIN suspension brings your entire operation to a halt. Amazon ASIN suspensions can happen at any time – even with just one complaint from a buyer.

When writing an appeal, a seller should address 3 things in their plan of action: the root cause of the issue, the immediate remedy, and the systemic changes to your business. These three sections of your plan of action should provide accurate information in order to get your account reinstated.

After looking through their account, we saw that there was a customer who said the glasses were fake, not genuine. The seller, in a kind manner, apologized for the discrepancy, issued a full refund to the customer, and was able to delete the ASINs from the listings and remove it from FBA inventory.

In this case, we appealed to Amazon’s Seller Performance Team. We included invoices which our client (wisely) held onto and kept in their records. The invoices accounted for every pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses that were sold. The invoices were issued from Luxotica, the manufacturer and brand owner of Ray Ban glasses.

The seller was very flexible and extremely wise in thinking, “Hey, we’ll just cut our temporary losses now’. Our firm was able to include all of these elements in the plan of action and their ASIN was reinstated. Our client is back up and running, so they are back to selling at 100%.

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