Pursuing Litigation for Amazon Sellers Who’ve Been Sued & How to Reach a Resolution FAST

Amazon sellers who’ve been sued: I want to tell you how we help sellers all over the country, and represent Amazon sellers all over the world.

sellers who've been sued - temporary restraining orders in litigation

Here’s the goal for sellers who’ve been sued:

Number one, protect your interest. That means filing a formal response to the lawsuit. It’s called an answer.

Number two, put you in a position of strength to reach a resolution. I don’t want any Amazon seller litigating a case for one minute more than is necessary, because if you’re paying your lawyer tens of thousands of dollars month after month after month, then you’re not focused on selling, you’re not focused on making money, you’re just making the lawyers money.

That’s how I see litigation. It’s not how all lawyers see litigation, but that’s how I see it. Get in, fight hard, put yourself in a position of strength, and then try and resolve the case and get out.

To learn more about what happens to sellers who’ve been sued, or if you need to use the courts, contact us.


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