Amazon Private Label Seller Ungating Issues: Reapplying for Brand Registered Listings

Amazon sellers, I want you to think about the very first time you received money for selling products on Amazon. Or if you’re a private label seller, think about that very first time where you sourced a product and it starts to sell and take that success and work it into your day today.

I’m talking to you about a challenge that private label sellers are facing today.

Amazon sellers who have their own private label, who own their own brands, are having trouble ungating their own listings. I know it sounds crazy, but Amazon has been telling certain private label sellers to re-apply for their brand registered listings that they already have, that they already created.

Now, nobody ever said selling on Amazon is easy. Nobody ever told you owning your own brand is easy. But it is tremendously worthwhile. So if this happens to you, contact us for the latest information about how to get past this problem, back into selling, and back to that successful feeling you had when you first sold your first product on Amazon, or the first time you sourced a product under your own brand and it started to sell.

Get back to that success. I know you can do it.

If you’re an Amazon seller experiencing ungating issues or you’ve been suspended on Amazon,