Amazon Seller Fair Market Pricing Violations – 72 Hour Suspension Notices – How to Write Winning Plans of Action

Today’s information for sellers has to do with price gouging, Amazon’s fair market pricing violations, and dealing with state attorney generals.

First, I want you to see a list of the paralegals here, college-educated paralegals who write killer plans of action, who have won these cases: Tony Zhang, Ashley DiPinto, Jacques Lavaud, Alexa Alers, Kerry McDonald. Each one of these huge members of our team has won these cases, both when your accounts have been down, and when you have received 72-hour notices.

Price gouging is a very serious accusation and you need to make sure that your plan of action does not admit to anything that creates criminal liability.

When it comes to price gouging / fair market pricing violations, you need to be able to point out to Amazon what you’re going to do better without admitting that you committed a crime because whatever you write to Amazon, you can bet that Amazon is going to turn that over to the state attorney general just like they’re doing with your name, your address, your phone number, and your account. Amazon is dumping this information right at the doorsteps of the state attorney generals and then they’re reaching out to you. If they contact you, while I know your livelihood is absolutely vital, when a state attorney general is threatening you with criminal action, that is something you need to take very seriously.

This is how we are handling price gouging plans of action -> We’re identifying things that you can do better, not admitting fault, and then putting in a long term strategy as to how you’re going to continue to sell vital products on Amazon without violating its policies. Simultaneously, in that plan of action (and this is why my team is the best in the world at writing plans of action), you have to make sure that legally, if Amazon takes that plan of action and gives it to your state attorney general, you have not admitted to a crime. Now, if the state attorney general has contacted you, there are several steps that you need to take. One, respond. Let them know you take it seriously and you’re contacting a lawyer to deal with it. Contact us 1-877-9-SELLER or contact a local lawyer. If you call us, we will then review your data along with the statute in your state and figure out whether you did or did not violate any laws. This is absolutely vital.

Then the whole goal of the lawyer, the whole goal, is to make sure that the state attorney general never actually brings a case against you. Every single seller I spoke to who has received communication from a state attorney general thinks they’re already in court. None of them are in court. Our goal is to use data from you, data from Keepa, our inside information about Amazon, to persuade that state attorney general to never bring a case against you.

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