Insider Information with CJ Rosenbaum: Price Gouging Suspensions Slowing Down, Inauthentic Suspensions Increasing, Used Sold as New Complaints on the Rise & Restricted Products on Amazon

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Price gouging has been absolutely off the charts for weeks and weeks and weeks.

The coronavirus, COVID-19 the pandemic and state attorney generals, and Amazon has been on you like white on rice. Suddenly yesterday and the day before, the number of price gouging suspensions has dropped dramatically. The number of state attorney generals that are contacting our sellers has dropped dramatically. But it’s not over.

Be careful what you’re pricing. What we’re seeing and what I want Amazon sellers to know about is used sold as new suspensions are certainly up. Inauthentic suspensions, which have always been the number one cause of listing suspensions and account suspensions, are climbing up. Restricted item suspensions are also climbing. And not just masks, not just hand sanitizers. So if you’re getting into a new product, you need to do the research first. Is this product restricted? And there are some really odd examples. Like in Canada, we can sell radar detectors in some parts of the country, but not others. So if you’re getting into selling a new product, do some research, make sure it’s not restricted. And if you can’t figure it out yourself, contact us.

If you have any questions about getting suspended from selling restricted products on Amazon, we are here for sellers seven days a week, from the beginning of business in New York to the close of business in California. You can always expect to reach a college-educated paralegal and a lawyer at our firm because we are on call 7 days a week, including me.