How to Handle Price Gouges & Suspensions on Amazon – Plans of Action for Sellers – Attorney General Subpoenas

Price gouging suspensions on Amazon.

How we get your listings back, how we get your accounts back, how we write the greatest plans of action and appeals.

The second part of price gouging is when the attorney general in your state reaches out to you usually in the form of an information subpoena. Most states in the country have empowered their attorney generals to get information from you without ever going to court.

Immediately contact that attorney general, let them know we are taking it seriously. We’re gathering data, looking at their local statute. We may retain local counsel, analyze your state’s law, and also the data regarding your sales. Attorney generals generally have no idea about Keepa and repricing software and being able to track the historical prices of products on Amazon.

Often the data shows there were other price peaks and no price gouging. They also often show that all you were doing was selling your products at the same rate as Amazon or other sellers. If we are concerned that you have exposure, we try and connect ourselves with a local criminal defense lawyer to make sure that the information that we are providing to the attorney generals and our interpretation of the statute is dead on.

We don’t want to expose sellers to any criminal liability. It is an effort in persuasion to educate the attorney generals about Amazon and show that you did not engage in price gouging, which from what I have seen from the hundreds of calls and emails and chats, Amazon sellers almost across the board did not engage in price gouging under the state laws.

You want to get these issues resolved without ever being charged with anything, without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.

That’s how we are handling price gouge cases when the attorney general gets involved.

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