Book Sellers on Amazon: Prevent a counterfeit book from being sold with

Anytime we’re dealing with people selling books on Amazon, it tends to be a pretty profitable investment for their business – buying & selling books from all different kinds of places like big-name distributors (Barnes & Noble & Borders), to smaller places. It also includes booksellers buying & selling directly from college students or buying them on the open market.

Thrift stores and small mom-and-pop used bookstores tend to have some of the biggest issues that we run into, specifically for clients receiving IP complaints. is an excellent tool that we end up using a lot of the time whenever a client receives an intellectual property complaint regarding a counterfeit book being sold.

It’s a website dedicated to trying to help sellers of books determine what books they might be selling, what could be considered counterfeit, and how to prevent them from buying counterfeit books in the future to sell on the open market.

We have no relationship with, but we recognize it as a precious tool. We want to share that information with you.

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