Precedent & Arbitrations when Amazon Refuses to Release Sellers’ Funds / Inventory

If you won a similar case in arbitration, similar to mine, does that mean you’re going to win my case?

So here’s how I can answer that…

Normally, if you were in a regular courthouse and you had the same set of facts, decided in a certain way, in the same venue you would have what’s called precedent. Under the legal theory of stare decisis, that arbitrator or that judge would be compelled to follow that prior case, it’s called precedent.

In arbitration, precedent does not really exist. I mean, we will always try and get in front of the arbitrator similar cases that we won and Amazon’s lawyers will always object to it and we do it anyway.

But the reality is, when it comes to arbitration, there really is no effect of having won prior cases. Precedent usually does not apply when it comes to arbitrations.

If you, as an Amazon seller have an issue where Amazon has refused to release your money, refused to return or pay for your inventory, or you just want to get a fresh set of eyes on your issues because you think that will result in a reinstatement of your account, contact us for a free consultation.

A couple of years ago, Amazon’s lawyers told us that we had 75% of all the arbitrations against Amazon that exist. I believe we have the most experienced team in the world. This is my partner, Rob Segall, a remarkable lawyer. This is his right hand person, Ashley, and I also love being involved in arbitration. So if any questions, any concerns, call me, email me, or submit your case.

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When Amazon refuses to release sellers’ funds / inventory: