Amazon Sellers’ Breaking News: Policy Violation Suspensions, Claims When Products Cause Damages, Notice-Dispute & Project Zero, Used Sold as New suspensions

#1:  Policy Violation Suspensions

If you don’t know exactly what policy Amazon is accusing you of violating, it is easy to figure out. Other times, it’s a lot more challenging – and we are seeing a lot more of the challenging type. It is important to read your buyer messages; see what the buyers are saying about your products and what their issues are with you. This gives really good clues as to what issues you need to address in your Plan of Action. A Plan of Action should be concise, persuasive, and positive.

#2:  Claims Against Sellers When Products Cause Damages

We are seeing more and more of claims against sellers where their products are claimed to cause damages. There are several different types of legal claims that Amazon sellers need to be aware of. Amazon may assert legal claims against you. Let’s say you sell a product and it causes damages to somebody’s home. We have seen insurance companies go after sellers many times. Our firm has been extremely successful in negotiating these claims.

#3:  Notice-Dispute & Project Zero is the email address that we have been sending IP complaint retractions to for a long period of time. Their response has slowed down dramatically as Amazon’s project zero has been gaining momentum. If a complaint was asserted through the project zero system, the retraction has to come from project zero. If the complaint did not come from project zero, and you’re not getting any traction with notice-dispute, you can ask the complainant to withdraw it using the project zero system. Amazon is a constantly changing place to do business, as notice-dispute continues to slow down and project zero ramps up.

If you receive an IP complaint, a.k.a. a rights owner complaint, from project zero, and you negotiate a retraction, we advise that your retraction should also go through the project zero system.

#4:  New Amazon Email Addresses

If you have been selling on Amazon for a significant period of time, you are already aware that their email addresses are changing and new ones are being created. In all the different departments at Amazon, they seem to have waves of closing email addresses and then creating new ones, and this is one that we have received from Amazon recently.

#5:  Used Sold as New suspensions

We’re seeing an increase again in Used Sold as New suspensions. If you receive one of these suspensions, you need to write an effective, persuasive and concise Plan of Action.

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