IMPORTANT INFORMATION for suspended Amazon vendor central sellers – Writing Plans of Action for reinstatement.

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Amazon vendor central accounts and the plans of action you need to be able to write. Amazon sellers thank you for joining me for our insider information. My name is CJ Rosenbaum. I’m one of the two founding partners of the most incredible, most resilient law firm in the entire world helping sellers write the best plans of action.

What’s different from Amazon vendors is that you are selling your products to Amazon and Amazon is the retailer. You as a seller are the wholesaler selling it to Amazon they take ownership of it, they then sell it to consumers. Now you would think that since Amazon is the retailer of record, they are responsible or it is responsible for authenticity issues. Amazon is responsible for intellectual property rights complaints that are made against it, but guess what? Amazon passes that buck right back to you as the seller. So what do you need to do? First, when you’re talking about the consumer experience and the plan of action, you need to know it’s Amazon’s experience and if Amazon is the consumer and when they are reselling a product, they are receiving complaints or returns.

They are going to come down on you and you’re going to need to write a plan of action. If it is an issue regarding the authenticity of the product, Amazon will continue to order from you even when it has complaints that the products are counterfeit. As an Amazon vendor, you may not have any idea that there’s a problem with your products, but Amazon will still hold you responsible. In one case, Amazon literally had over 160 complaints and never notified the Amazon vendor. They kept ordering stuff. They even told the vendor to open up multiple accounts so Amazon could buy more of this stuff that Amazon knew was problematic when our client had absolutely no clue that there was a problem. So in your plan of action, if you’re an Amazon vendor, the most important section you need to focus on is the systemic changes to your business.

Absolutely most important. Usually, you have to do a little bit better in your sourcing, a little bit better in your quality control, so that Amazon can be more secure to start buying from you again to then selling to consumers.

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