Amz Sellers News 11/1/19: Amazon Sellers Sending the Same Plan of Action, Related Accounts & Intellectual Property Complaints

Related account suspensions.

They are just skyrocketing. Emails, chats, phone calls. We’re getting notice after notice of Amazon sellers getting dinged for related accounts and their businesses going down. Stop using Starbucks. Stop using the public library. Stop using wifi connections in shared office space. Get yourself your own hotspot. Protect your business by making sure there are no other Amazon sellers going onto the account using the same wifi.

Repeatedly sending the same POA.

If your listing is down, if your account has been suspended, we know the stress that you’re under. But we are seeing an increased number of sellers calling us who have sent the same plan of action literally a dozens of times every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Now by going to India, I personally confirmed that your POAs are being read by real people. They certainly don’t want to be harassed. So we know you’re under stress. If you’re doing your own Amazon appeal, send it and let it sit 48 hours. If you don’t receive a response, then send an email stating, “Here’s our plan of action. Here’s another copy of it. We sent it in more than 48 hours ago and we haven’t received a response. Is there anything else that we can provide to you?” I highly recommend against just repeatedly sending the same exact document in.

Retractions are the name of the game when it comes to an IP complaint.

Intellectual property complaints continue to surge and they’ll probably continue to surge throughout Q4. Trademark complaints, counterfeit complaints, copyright complaints. You want to do whatever you can to get a complaint retracted. It’s the fastest way to get your account and listings back. And also starting next week, we are going to be presenting with sellers with stronger options, negotiating from positions of strength, and holding a Billy club or a battering ram at the brands’ heads on what you can do to get their attractions and get your damages.

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