Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer Insider Information: How to Write a Plan of Action for Late Shipment Complaints on Amazon

Amazon has numerous ways of linking accounts. If you are operating more than one account, you need to make sure that you are absolutely flawless, perfect, make no mistakes and make sure there’s absolutely no link. Electronic, email, geographic, products, anything between your accounts. Operating more than one account is 100% against Amazon’s TOS, and if you’re doing it, I don’t advise against it, but just be super careful.

Late shipping notices on Amazon.

Even though Amazon is having the same exact problems that sellers are having, you are getting dinged for late shipments. Extend your shipping dates right now. As soon as this video is over, extend your shipping dates. If you’ve already suffered a listing / account suspension, start figuring out better ways to package and ship your products. Change your shipping dates, switch from FedEx to UPS if you’re merchant fulfilled. If you’re using UPS, switch to FedEx. Whatever you do, extend the dates, because the couriers are having problems. Also make sure you have arguments ready to send to Amazon in the plan of action.

Plans of Action for suspended sellers.

If you need help writing that plan of action, we are here for you seven days a week 1-877-9-SELLER. We write the best plans of action than anybody on earth. My partner Anthony Famularo has participated in more Amazon listing reinstatements than anyone on this planet. If you need our team’s help, we are here for you. We know what works because we help so many sellers and tens of thousands of listings every year.

Amazon stealing from disabled woman in NY under lock down.

What happened is she has a box of certain dimensions, and she is supposed to get charged one rate and Amazon charged her another rate. It was almost double. She has been fighting this since November. Not only is she on lock down, but she is also a disabled American, and I think this is absolutely awful.

If Amazon shuts you down & decides to keep your money, you can take Amazon to arbitration.

Rob Segall is our managing attorney when it comes to arbitration against Amazon. If Amazon has only stolen a little bit from you, we can guide you through the process. If Amazon has stolen a huge amount from you, we can represent you and take Amazon to arbitration. During the days of the coronavirus, arbitrations are not being delayed because the vast majority of them are done remotely anyway.

If you’ve been suspended from late shipment complaints on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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