Helps Amazon Sellers

Payoneer.comThis webinar is nectar for online sellers associated with Amazon. In conversation, CJ Rosenbaum and Richard Gilbert, who’s associated with helps sellers expand their services globally. Considered as a premium currency converter platform, it is much cheaper than what others are offering. It helps business transact globally and eliminates the friction that might have been troubling sellers to spread their wings outside of their current serving area. gives sellers the ability to collect funds locally in the market they are operating. They create virtual accounts that work while a seller looks to operate global transactions. Having a partnership with Amazon makes them invincible, there hasn’t been a single account suspension reported regarding!

How does it work?

Whenever sellers make a change using the bank account detail of, they are provided with a bank statement that has been approved by Amazon. But, the most vital question is, how does it helps sellers? They save a lot of extra charges that would otherwise be extremely hefty while converting money from one currency to another, they can also do wire as well.

Not only that, they can also pay VAT obligations. There are around 65,000 Amazon sellers currently handling their transactions via and they are also collaborating with 46 international banks. This specific feature validates their global reach.

Where are they located?

They are located in New York, Hong Kong, with their headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their customer care representatives provide all the essential information that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Their professional staff speaks to sellers in 8 different languages and can be reached via phone, email and chat option. If you are serving in multiple locations in various countries, then even if one goes down, you can still operate in other areas and have a successful business online.

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