Amazon Sellers News 11/5/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Parallel Imports, IP Complaints, Business Verification, Fast Reinstatements

Parallel importing is when you’re buying goods that are meant to be sold by the brand in one country, and then selling them in another country.

This is not necessarily violating any of Amazon’s policies, it is not necessarily a violation of anybody’s IP rights, but if you are doing parallel importing, if you’re buying goods in one country and selling them in another, make sure the warranties are identical as to what the consumer would receive if the consumer had bought those products in a traditional brick and mortar store.

Copyright complaints are increasing, baseless counterfeit complaints are increasing, and we’re even seeing complaints made against charities.

Third-party sellers watch your dashboard, watch your emails for IP complaints and also under the new TOS, watch for those notifications. As soon as you receive something, you have to act upon it. Don’t let any IP complaints build up in your account. We have an entire series of videos explaining the new TOS to sellers all over the world.

Business verification under the new TOS applys to all sellers.

All sellers right now can receive an email from Amazon at any point in time looking for a utility bill. If you have a utility bill, keep it there ready. If you don’t, this is what you need to know. Pull out the lease of your work space. Take a look and see if there’s a provision for utilities. If there’s not, if your lease is silent on utilities, then I want you to use a rider and get this rider executed as soon as possible. If you’re renting space from yourself, if you have an entity from a different landlord, if you have someone else at the ownership of the property, have a rider available, have a lease available so that if Amazon sends you an email saying you need to verify your business with a utility bill, you have a lease or a rider available to send right to Amazon instantaneously.

That is a huge tip to get fast reinstatements if you are suspended under a business verification request.

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