Client Arbitration: Free Consults & Flat Fees !!

testimonial - Client Arbitration Free Consults & Flat Fees

“I just retained CJ’s firm today actually… Called them to represent me in an Amazon case. Got a call back on the first day from Jason… super knowledgeable guy… works for CJ… and he actually was able to explain to me all the fees that were involved, the procedure, all

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Brand Development & Protection

Testimonial: brand development & protection

Lee H: “When I came to eCom Chicago, I didn’t really know exactly how I would go about protecting my brand from hijackers while at the same time staying really compliant as it came to copyrights and trademarks. But now I feel that I have a reliable answer when it

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Amazon Holding Seller Funds

holding seller funds

Merchants See a Rise in Amazon Holding Seller Funds Maybe you signed up for an Amazon seller account with the goal of launching your dream business through the platform, or maybe you just wanted to try your luck at making some money online by selling a few unwanted items. Either way, Amazon

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Drafting Your Own Plan of Action

Amazon Plan of Action

You open your email and BAM! You see a notice, it’s an Amazon suspension notice. What do you do now that your Amazon seller account privileges have been suspended?   Creating a Plan of Action Well, after a few deep breaths, it’s time to start crafting a Plan of Action. 

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Compiling a Witness List for Arbitration against Amazon


We represent sellers against Amazon if they refuse to reinstate your account or refuse to give you back your money / inventory. The way we do that is by filing an arbitration against Amazon with the American Arbitration Association. That is probably one of the best parts of your contract

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How to keep your Amazon Sellers Account from being Suspended?

Amazon suspension help

Forged & Inauthentic Invoices – Amazon Seller Suspension Forged and inauthentic invoices were the topic of Amazon Sellers Lawyer’s most recent news video on Facebook Live. Become educated on the topic of invoices and how to keep yourself out of trouble with them and it will keep you in business

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