The 7 Worst Inventory Mistakes FBA Sellers Make

FBA Inventory Management Your inventory & the management of it are key factors in the success of an FBA business. This is especially true if you’re looking to build something sustainable and scalable, rather than simply keeping a small side-hustle. Many FBA owners have set themselves back when poor inventory

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5 Reasons It’s Time to Automate Your Sales Tax Filing

Collecting, reporting and filing sales tax returns is one of those hassles that every product seller faces. To add insult to injury, as your business grows, your sales tax life grows more complicated. If you find yourself dreading sales tax filing time, this post will help you decide if it’s

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Amazon Sellers: Amazon Vendor Central

amazon vendor central

A common way for brand owners to sell on Amazon is to be Amazon third-party sellers. That means they operate their Amazon business via Seller Central and have to handle most of the mundane tasks on their own. However, do you know that there is actually another option for brand

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Find the Best Keywords for Amazon SEO

Boost Amazon SEO with the Best Keywords Search is the primary method by which shoppers find products on Amazon. Amazon sellers need to know how to find and use the best keywords for Amazon SEO Did you know that 55% of shoppers begin researching products on Amazon compared to 28%

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How to Start Selling in the EU?

Amazon Europe

If you are a US Amazon seller and want to grow your business by selling on the European Amazon Marketplaces or if you aren’t yet an Amazon seller and want to start your journey in Europe right away this article is for you. Some of the most frequently asked questions

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Major Court Decisions for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sellers Court

Amazon Selling Counterfeit Products Tech-giant Amazon has won litigation against a Seattle-based pillowcase company. The ruling comes as a blow to Amazon sellers that were considering taking the world’s largest e-commerce to see its day in court. While it was believed that company – Milo & Gabby – had a

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Importance of Facebook Groups When Building an FBA Business.

How to take advantage of Social Media when building your business One of the key ingredients in building a successful business is the right information. One idea can potentially bring you thousands of dollars of profit. How can you obtain the right information? There are multiple ways like (online) courses,

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Interview with Anthony Famularo Esq.

Anthony Famularo

Anthony Famularo of Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer Amazon sellers are faced with operating under uncertainty each and every day. The other day I stumbled across a survey from 2016 that painted a very disturbing image – over 60% of Amazon sellers live in fear of being suspended. As account suspensions become

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Finding and Using the Best Keywords to Boost Amazon SEO

Boost Amazon SEO

Search is the primary method by which shoppers find products on Amazon. Did you know that 55% of shoppers begin researching products on Amazon compared to 28% who use traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Unfortunately, you can’t just list your product on Amazon and be done. You

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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes That Amazon Sellers Often Make

Amazon Sellers

There are a myriad of online shopping platforms on the market now, however, Amazon is still the unbeatable Titan in this industry. One of the reasons that Amazon succeeds and differentiates itself from its competitors is that it dedicates to improve buyer’s shopping experience by having unique and strict rules

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Amazon Feedback Impacts Your Bottom Line

Feedback Five

It’s easy to get your feelings hurt when a buyer leaves nasty feedback on the Amazon marketplace. Sure, you’re thick-skinned. You know how to handle even the most irate customers. But, there’s just something especially hurtful when the situation results in a negative online rating. Looking past the sour grapes,

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Social Media Improves Online Shopping

Use Social Media to Improve the Online Shopping Experience Over the last few years, consumers have been steadily taking their business online. While the physical store isn’t dead, the number of people shopping online has spiked dramatically. Over half of online shoppers in the United States alone made purchases via

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Starting on Amazon Europe

On which of Amazon Europe’s marketplaces shall I start? Maybe one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to expanding to Europe. Long story short: it depends. On the one hand on your product and on the other hand on the market(s) you are targeting. Usually, it makes

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Negative Feedback on Amazon? Keep Calm and Stay Positive

Negative Reviews

One of the inevitable things that running a business would face is receiving negative customer feedback. Have you ever wondered how much an online review can impact your business? Were you endeavoring to resolve negative reviews? The finding from Graham Charlton, the Editor in Chief of Econsultancy, indicates that 61%

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E-Commerce, Amazon, and the DMCA Part 3

Amazon Seller Central

Prevent Amazon Seller Suspensions Amazon: Background and Policies The Amazon platform is the largest online retailer in the world. Sellers are provided with access to 80 million customers. At no time in the history of commerce have people and businesses had this type marketplace access without significant financial backing. If

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Does Changing Amazon Marketplace Increase Sales?

If you are selling online via Amazon, you know that it offers a huge opportunity to sell it to millions of customers and increases your sales significantly as compared to a regular ecommerce store. With the massive amount of daily traffic of more than 80 million unique visitors a month,

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E-Commerce, Amazon, and the DMCA

the DMCA

One of the most popular activities that occurs online is shopping. Online shopping offers many advantages when compared to traditional “brick and mortar” stores; you can shop at home, dressed however you please, and do it all at any time of the day. This process, of buying and selling products

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Amazon Seller Suspensions: Damaged Products

Damaged Products

Despite all the precautionary efforts Amazon Sellers put into their storage and shipment procedures, occasionally a product gets damaged. Often, the cause of the damage is out of the suspended Amazon Seller’s hands. When using FBA, a suspended Amazon Seller’s ability to protect their products is even more limited. Suspended

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