Feedback, Reviews & Growing and Maintaining Your Online Reputation

Amazon buyer feedback Time is running out to ask customers to leave you feedback on items bought during the holiday season, and something as simple as reaching out to those customers could give you a big boost in your first and second quarter sales in 2018. Amazon Limits Time for

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Amazon Sellers Selling in Australia

Amazon Australia Towards the end of 2017, Amazon opened up local warehouses in Australia in an attempt to expand the company’s reach in the 12th largest consumer market in the world. While sellers for Amazon in Australia have had to compete with the local bookstores in the region, sellers have seen

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How Experts Increase Their Best Seller Ranking of a New Product

Amazon Sellers Branding Tips

Best Sellers Rank If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, looking for a particular product, you know how that little gold flag over the photo of an item draws your eye. “Best Seller,” it proclaims. That tag lets you know that that item has been chosen by hundreds, if not thousands,

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FBA Sellers: What You Need to Know About Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon vs Amazon Seller Central … do you know the difference? The online retail giant has a new game in town and it’s called Merch By Amazon. Merch By Amazon actually launched over two years ago, but as Amazon sales continue to increase and more and more sellers

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Amazon Sellers Sales Taxes Washington State vs Massachusetts

Amazon sellers sales tax Amazon has started to help states collect Amazon sellers sales tax. Amazon’s methods are confusing and stressful to many Amazon sellers… Massachusetts Sales Taxes: On January 23, 2018, Amazon informed Amazon sellers that it released sellers’ information to the State of Massachusetts. Information about Amazon Sellers

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Novice Guide to Understanding Amazon Headline Search Ads

Amazon Headline Search Ads In the past, Headline Ads were restricted to Vendors (that is manufacturers and distributors selling directly to Amazon), but a few months ago, Amazon made Headline Ads available to private label sellers, and now most of the sellers with registered brands can use those ads to

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Amazon Feedback vs. Reviews. Which to Focus On?

Amazon reputation management strategy Did you know that there are still people who don’t know the difference between Amazon feedback and reviews? You might even be one of them. If so, don’t fret! Our customer success team at eComEngine still sees a lot of confusion about this topic – even

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Getting Good Amazon Reviews in an Age When Feedback is Hard to Come By

Amazon Reviews

Getting Good Amazon Reviews “Ever since October 2016 . . .” begins a sentence I often hear from Amazon sellers. You likely know what those four words mean and where the sentence is headed. You can probably even finish the sentence based on your own experiences, and that sentence would

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Amazon Feedback vs Reviews: Which to Focus On?

Amazon feedback vs reviews

Amazon feedback vs reviews Did you know that there are still people who don’t know the difference between Amazon feedback and reviews? You might even be one of them. If so, don’t fret! Our customer success team at eComEngine still sees a lot of confusion about this topic – even

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Prime and Whole Foods Benefit Amazon

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscription benefits Amazon beating Wall Street expectations Despite strong holiday market showings from some of Amazon’s biggest competitors such as Wal-Mart, Amazon is expecting potentially historic earnings this holiday season. This is great news for Amazon Sellers. Amazon is projected to beat even Wall Street’s sales expectations for

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Brands Assert Intellectual Property Complaints against Amazon Sellers

intellectual property complaints

Amazon Sellers noticing Intellectual Property Complaints trend Amazon Sellers must be prepared to receive intellectual property (IP) right complaints.  Even if you source your products directly from a legitimate distributor or manufacturer.  Amazon Sellers will eventually receive IP complaints. Amazon Sellers that purchase their products directly from the manufacturer often

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Amazon Passing Sales Tax Problems to Sellers

Amazon Wall Street

State Officials want Amazon to pay Sales Taxes to South Carolina Amazon is now in trouble with state officials in South Carolina, where Amazon is being asked to adhere to the state’s tax laws. Actually, “asked” may be putting it lightly. South Carolina is demanding that Amazon pay $500 million

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How to Lawfully Import Products from China

Ask Idea Sourcing

How to Lawfully Import Products from China The importing process can be confusing and overwhelming—and costly, if not done correctly. Inexperienced importers can run into a number of concerns that could kill their business in just a few weeks. From unexpected late shipments to fluctuating shipping costs to customs delays

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Amazon Discounts Sellers Prices For Holiday Season

Amazon Seller Discounts Amazon is discounting the prices on items sold by Amazon sellers that sell through Amazon. Amazon itself is providing the discount so Amazon sellers don’t lose money. Amazon’s customers and Amazon Sellers’ customers will get cheaper items. While Amazon sellers will still get the money they listed

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Amazon Commingled Inventory & Sellers

Amazon’s commingled inventory

Amazon’s commingled inventory Amazon sellers can chose to participate in Amazon’s commingled inventory system or choose to opt out of having their products mixed in with other Amazon sellers’ products. Amazon sellers can choose to have their sales filled solely by their own products which they know are genuine or

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Amazon Category Approvals

Amazon Help

Amazon Category Approvals In order to sell certain items on Amazon, Amazon requires approval. These items are bunched into categories and can be located on the Amazon page. However, obtaining approval is not as black and white as it may seem. Sellers have been kicked off their own listings due

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