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Starting on Amazon Europe

On which of Amazon Europe’s marketplaces shall I start? Maybe one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to expanding to Europe. Long story short: it depends. On the one hand on your product and on the other hand on the market(s) you are targeting. Usually, it makes

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Negative Feedback on Amazon? Keep Calm and Stay Positive

Negative Reviews

One of the inevitable things that running a business would face is receiving negative customer feedback. Have you ever wondered how much an online review can impact your business? Were you endeavoring to resolve negative reviews? The finding from Graham Charlton, the Editor in Chief of Econsultancy, indicates that 61%

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E-Commerce, Amazon, and the DMCA Part 3

Amazon Seller Central

Prevent Amazon Seller Suspensions Amazon: Background and Policies The Amazon platform is the largest online retailer in the world. Sellers are provided with access to 80 million customers. At no time in the history of commerce have people and businesses had this type marketplace access without significant financial backing. If

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Does Changing Amazon Marketplace Increase Sales?

If you are selling online via Amazon, you know that it offers a huge opportunity to sell it to millions of customers and increases your sales significantly as compared to a regular ecommerce store. With the massive amount of daily traffic of more than 80 million unique visitors a month,

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E-Commerce, Amazon, and the DMCA

the DMCA

One of the most popular activities that occurs online is shopping. Online shopping offers many advantages when compared to traditional “brick and mortar” stores; you can shop at home, dressed however you please, and do it all at any time of the day. This process, of buying and selling products

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Amazon Seller Suspensions: Damaged Products

Damaged Products

Despite all the precautionary efforts Amazon Sellers put into their storage and shipment procedures, occasionally a product gets damaged. Often, the cause of the damage is out of the suspended Amazon Seller’s hands. When using FBA, a suspended Amazon Seller’s ability to protect their products is even more limited. Suspended

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Know Your Online Security Threats – Find Peace Of Mind


Online Security Threats Are Increasing Online security has been in the news again lately, and especially as it pertains to Amazon sellers.  Recently Amazon has become a prime target (pun only slightly intended), with criminals finding ways to divert money by exploiting weaknesses to break into users’ Amazon accounts, change

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Why Is It Important To Rank Your Products High On Amazon

Amazon Product Ranking

Why Is It Important To Rank Your Products High On Amazon One of the mantras on achieving higher sales on Amazon is to get a higher product ranking. The higher the ranked product, more the revenue for the seller. A9, is the name of the algorithm which ranks products on

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eCommerce Trade Shows For Amazon Sellers

eCommerce Tradeshow

Attending trade shows is an integral part of sourcing products, meeting new vendors, checking out the latest trends and sneakily taking a look at what your competition is up to so you can strengthen your strategy! But, with so many trade shows to chose from, it can be hard deciding

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Amazon Algorithm: How To Optimize Your Listing

Amazon Algorithm

How To Optimize Your Listings For Amazon Algorithm Getting your product(s) noticed among Amazon’s nearly 500 million other product listings can be a huge challenge, which is why optimizing your listing has to be approached from two angles. You have to appeal to customers and find a way to make

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How to Get More Product Reviews on Amazon

Product Reviews on Amazon On Amazon, there are 2 kinds of reviews you can get: seller reviews and product reviews. The former has to do with your abilities, while the latter deals with the quality of items you sell. When You Want to Ask for Product Reviews… There are basically

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Trademark Bullying by Big Corporations

Trademark Bullying by Big Corporations By: Nicole Kulaga, Paralegal, Larger Corporations take extraordinary measures to protect their intellectual property rights, some of these efforts being unethical and illegal. The Patent and Trademark Office defines a trademark bully as “a trademark owner that uses its trademark rights to harass and

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Sales Tax 101 for Online Sellers


Sales Tax 101 for Online Sellers By: TaxJar As an Amazon FBA seller, you want to spend time on sourcing, improving your listings and creating relationships with suppliers. What you don’t want to spend time on is unprofitable tasks like dealing with sales tax. Fortunately, like any other administrative hassle,

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Gray Market Goods

Grey Market Goods

What Are Grey Market Goods? We’ve all heard of the black market–the term encompasses everything from seedy illegal trades to those questionable Gucci bags being sold on Manhattan side streets. But What About The Black Market’s Less-Mentioned Gray Market Sibling? Gray market goods are not technically illegal, but they can

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Amazon Arbitration: Telephonic Hearings

Amazon Arbitration

Amazon Arbitration: Telephonic Hearings By: Robert Segall As we continue with our “Amazon and Arbitration” series, we have already discussed when to file for arbitration, how to file for arbitration, and where to file for arbitration. This article will discuss what kind of options are available for Amazon Sellers who

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Amazon Arbitration: Venue Selection

Amazon Arbitration: Venue Selection

Amazon Arbitration: Venue Selection In our continuing series, so far we have discussed cases and situations when it is in a seller’s best interest to file for arbitration, as well as how to initiate the process. This article will discuss venue selection, which essentially means where the arbitration will take

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