Amazon App introduces Augmented Reality

Amazon App

Amazon stepping into Augmented Reality with Amazon App Amazon is once again transforming the way that people shop on their mobile devices, thanks to virtual reality. Amazon has started its Black Friday deals early, as many discounts can already be had as of Wednesday. Along with that rollout, Amazon announced

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New Amazon Food Ordering Service

Amazon Headquarters News

What is the new Amazon Food Ordering Service? In November, Amazon plans to roll out an expansion of a new feature in the Amazon mobile app, which will allow users to order take-out food from select restaurants in some cities specifically using the Amazon app. Users will be able to

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Partnering Up With Kohl’s for Amazon Customer Returns

Amazon In-Store Pickup and Returns

Amazon In-Store Pickup and Returns In order to help increase sales and market itself better to the online sales industry, Kohl’s will now allow all of their products that are bought on Amazon to be returned directly to a physical Kohl’s store. This is a huge win for Amazon, as

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Seattle Scrambling for Amazon Headquarters

Amazon Headquarters News

The online sales giant decided last month that it will open up a second site of operations — a project they’re calling “HQ2” — at a yet-undetermined location. The Seattle-based company claims it will have 280,000 stateside employees by 2018. The company has already done wonders for Seattle’s economy, as

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5 Ways to Simplify Sales Tax for Q4


Sales Tax for Q4 The end of the year is almost three months away, but extra traffic and sales from the holidays means that Q4 feels shorter than other quarters. It’s a good idea to take a few minutes now to make sure your sales tax processes are updated and

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How to Finance your Holiday Inventory on Amazon


Amazon Inventory Financing Fall is in the air and the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Whether your Amazon business is retail arbitrage, private label or a separate category altogether, chances are you’re looking for ways to fund the extra inventory you’ll need in Q4. The holiday shopping

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5 Factors for Product Package Design

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging As an Amazon private label seller, one of the missions during the process of building your brand is to create a logo and package for your products. Some people may think of package design simply as a nice image on a bottle or box, but there’s

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Things every Amazon Seller needs to know about Trade Dress

Trade Dress

What is Trade Dress? Trade dress is an overall appearance of a packaging or label that can be afforded intellectual property protections. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Trade Dress is defined as, “The overall appearance and image in the marketplace of a product or a commercial enterprise. For a product,

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Trademark Law Considerations for Amazon Sellers

It is important for Amazon sellers to protect their private label brands on the Amazon platform. In the past, we have written about the importance of trademark protection as well as other ways to combat listing and product hijackers (link to article). However, it is also important to consider the

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WIPO- Useful for Amazon Sellers


Intellectual property allows business owners and creators across the globe a level of security when it comes to their creations. Copyrights, Trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and patents make up Intellectual Property. Whether you are an author or inventor, you want what you created to be protected from copycats. Theft

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Amazon Sellers’ Private Label Products


Vietnam is a reformed state that provides immense opportunities for Amazon sellers.  Amazon sellers should consider Vietnam as an alternative country for sourcing their private label products. Private Label Products & Vietnam A great aspect for Amazon sellers with private label products is Vietnam’s low labor costs.  Labor in Vietnam

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The Importance of Customer Service on Amazon

Good Customer Service on Amazon Selling on Amazon isn’t really an endeavor that you’d associate with “customer service” at first glance. The majority of the customer’s interaction is with Amazon itself, rather than the individual sellers they’re buying from. As such, many buyers think of shopping on Amazon as buying

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Defense to Trademark Infringement and Trademark Dilution Claims

Amazon Trademark

First Amendment Protections and the Lanham Act: Both the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Lanham Act provide a high level of protection against trademark infringement and trademark dilution claims. The Lanham Act is the federal trademark statute of law in the United States which prohibits certain activities including trademark infringement, trademark dilution,

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How to Draft Your Own Plan of Action

Plan of Action

You opened your email and BAM! You see it. It’s an Amazon suspension notice. What do you do now? Well, after a few deep breaths, it’s time to start crafting a Plan of Action.  You can write your own Plan of Action or get help from a licensed attorney that focuses

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Preventing Inauthentic Complaints

Inauthentic Complaints

Of all the ways to earn an Amazon suspension, inauthentic item complaints are high on the list. An inauthentic item is defined by Amazon to be a product that was purchased from a disreputable seller. However, it can be difficult to know what’s considered “reputable”, leaving many sellers scratching their

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