All Online Sales are Subject to State Sales Taxes Wherever the Consumer is Located

sales tax laws

The Era of Requiring a Nexus to the State is Over Legal Definitions for Sellers A.    Granting Certiorari – When the Supreme Court agrees to hear a case from lower courts. The United States Supreme Court chooses what cases it will hear and refuses to hear most cases presented to

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Breaking News: Amazon Sellers Suspensions

breaking news

 Thank you for joining me again for Breaking News. My name is CJ Rosenbaum and I am the founding partner of law firm, Rosenbaum Famularo. We have staff all over the world and help sellers develop and protect their private label brands. Every plan of action is conferenced among

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Prime Day 2018 Finds Success Amidst Failure

Amazon ecommerce

2018’s Amazon Prime Day promised customers big deals and third-party sellers big profits – but did it deliver? And at what cost? This year’s installment of Prime Day was Amazon’s largest sales event of all-time. Though the company does not disclose their sales revenue to the public, financial analyst Michael

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Branching out to India, where a high population could lead to major profits.

Amazon India

Amazon is constantly looking to improve its global profile and sales, so naturally the company has been trying to branch out to India, where a high population could lead to major profits. In an effort to expand in India, Amazon plans to add more fulfillment centers while expanding back-end services

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Appealing Amazon Suspensions, Bans & More

Appealing Amazon Suspensions

 Amazon Sellers Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum on Appealing Amazon Suspensions, Bans, and Business Today, we sit down with CJ Rosenbaum, the Amazon Sellers Lawyer. CJ has successfully defended against some of the biggest corporations in the world (McDonald’s, Sears, and KFC to name a few). In this discussion, he goes

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Amazon’s New Warehouse in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

With the location of Amazon’s new headquarters – or HQ2 – still a mystery to this point, the company is continuing to expand its reach in North America as Amazon plans to build a new warehouse in Ottawa, Ontario. A New Warehouse in Canada On Tuesday, Amazon formally announced that

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Join CJ Rosenbaum as he interviews Brian Stevenson of eComDash.

Webinar Wednesdays with Amazon Sellers Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Brian Stevenson of eComDash. Order Fulfillment, Inventory & Shipping for eCommerce Sellers. eComDash is an inventory and order management software for online retailers. They focus on providing small to medium-sized businesses with

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Amazon and Xealth: A Healthy Partnership

digital healthcare

Amazon and Xealth: A Healthy Partnership The e-commerce giant Amazon has partnered with Xealth, a Providence based health startup, reports say. Up to today’s date, they have received approximately $8.5 million from “DFJ Venture Capital and UPMC” [1]. This “cloud-based technology for prescribing customized digital healthcare content” is “already in

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Breaking News for Amazon Sellers 7-16-18

Breaking News for Amazon Sellers 7-16-18

 CJ Rosenbaum, New York Attorney Helping Online Sellers Worldwide Watch CJ & Max Rosenbaum cover the following topics in this video: Amazon Plans of Action Q & A Sony products causing problems for Sellers IP complaints made against Sellers with promotional products Suppliers refusing to give good invoices –

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PillPack: Amazon’s Foyer Into The Pharmaceutical Industry


Amazon announced the acquisition of PillPack on June 28, sending major health-care companies into a frightened frenzy, while giving customers hope of lower prices on pharmaceutical sales. While Amazon’s foyer into the pharmaceutical business began last August, acquiring PillPack puts other competitors on notice that Jeff Bezos and Co. fully

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A New Supreme Court Tax Ruling is Changing the Way E-Retailers Operate

online sales tax

online sales tax A new Supreme Court tax ruling is changing the way e-retailers operate, and it may negatively affect Amazon third-party sellers depending on what states they operate out of. This ruling, which came into effect on June 21, questioned a South Dakota law imposed in 2016 that required

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How to sell 50 units in one day on Amazon and make losses


Paradoxical as it may seem, this is a real example when in 1 day 50 product units were sold, but profit is kept negative. The reason is the Amazon Storage fees. They are withdrawn once a month and most sellers neglect them when calculating their profit. Storage fees is a

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3 Tedious Amazon Seller Tasks to Automate Right Now


3 Amazon Seller Tasks to Automate Right Now Before you know it, your part-time selling gig can grow into a full-time responsibility. While it means more money, it also means more work. You can hire someone to help with daily business operations, but that eats into your profits. However, if

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Fake Amazon Reviews: An Up-hill Battle

review manipulation suspension on Amazon

Fake Amazon Reviews: An Up-hill Battle Self-promotion has always been a method of positive publicity. Public propaganda for literary works dates back to the 1880’s, when famous literary giant Walt Whitman was unimpressed with the negative reviews he received regarding his “first volume of poetry, titled Leaves of Grass”[1] and

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CJ Rosenbaum Live Speaking Events

CJ Rosenbaum Live Speaking Events

CJ Rosenbaum, New York Attorney Helping Online Sellers Worldwide Amazon Sellers Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum Speaking About: Buyer Complaints Multiple Amazon Accounts Amazon Seller Account Suspension US Trademark Law FBA Commingling Intellectual Property Rights ——————————— CJ Rosenbaum Live Speaking Events To view all events CJ will be speaking at, visit

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Amazon Prime Day is on the way!

Can You Afford an Account Suspension?

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is on the way! For the fourth year in a row, the company will host an event tailored to lining the pockets of its sellers. Here’s how you can take advantage of the deals coming up later this month, and how you can make sure that

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Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ Brainchild

Blue Origin

Blue Origin: What is this new project, and how can it impact Amazon sellers? Jeff Bezos is launching yet another ambitious project, but this one is much different from the rest. Humans have long dreamed of an era where our species could permeate throughout the galaxy and increase our boundless population

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