SUCCESS VIDEO with David Miller, Managing Attorney at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC – Used Sold as New Suspensions on Amazon – Opt Out of Repackaged Returns

Our client received a Used Sold as New suspension on their most popular ASIN. Specifically, they were selling planners. What was happening was a lot of the planners were being returned for all sorts of issues. A few of the Amazon customers were writing in them and then returning them. The Used Sold as New issue was triggered by the products being returned. The #1 thing with these types of issues is repackaged returns. Repackaged returns can be problematic. We see a lot of Used Sold as New complaints come out when you have your repackaged returns “on”. When a customer returns a product, Amazon’s employees are supposed to inspect them to make sure they are ok to reship, but sometimes they don’t do a thorough enough job. What they’ll do is, they’ll repackage it on their own, and then when someone else orders the product, they’ll resend it. The problem is that some of the returned products can be damaged or defective.

The #1 thing to do is opt out of repackaged returns.

We were able to explain this to Amazon, explain why they received these complaints and the negative feedback they received, and we were able to get that ASIN reinstated for the Amazon seller.

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