SUCCESS: Obtained Retraction on Amazon Italy Platform for a Trademark Complaint

Ashley, a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind Amazon Sellers Lawyer, talks about a success she had obtaining a retraction on a trademark complaint on the Amazon Italy platform.

When we reached out to the complainant, we explained to them that the trademark was infringing. After doing a thorough investigation into the trademark, we were able to use the doctrine of foreign equivalence, showing that the trademark translated into a common or generic term in the United States. We were able to use that to our benefit and had a great success for our client. Retractions always help, but sometimes it’s not enough for Amazon. In this case, Amazon reinstated the suspended ASIN the next day.

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Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Trademark LawAmazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law
By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Christopher Abiuso, Benjamin Lobley

I’m CJ Rosenbaum and I’m super proud of my team because we have a published the first ever book on trademark law solely focused on people and companies selling on the Amazon platform.

A trademark complaint on Amazon is a tremendous problem for both third party sellers who sell other brands and private label sellers who have their own brands they need to protect. This book focuses on informing sellers about protecting their brand and the steps that can be taken to prohibit infringers. We discuss both trademark and copyright law, the two primary ways to protect your brand.

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