David MillerCease and desist letters are an effective way to put offending sellers on notice of pending action if they do not comply with the terms set forth.

After doing a test buy, we draft a report based on the differences between the two products. Then we ask our clients to accordingly change the warranty information on both their website and the product detail page on Amazon. Changing the existing warranty language or drafting initial warranty language is an essential element in reports of infringement, which our team can help with.

So, what happens if sellers do not respond to our cease and desist letter? David Miller, Managing Attorney at the firm explains in this video…

We’ll follow up numerous times and give them a chance to respond; usually two business days. After that, we’ll begin drafting a report of infringement.

Sometimes, sellers will report infringement to Amazon on their own and they’re not successful.. Either Amazon won’t respond at all, they’ll request more information, or they will send a generic response.

When you come to us, we have a proven method that works very well. We have specific legal teams we write to, and have a good grasp on what Amazon is looking for. We like to use certain keywords that generally work. We are very careful about how we choose our words dealing with Amazon.

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