Today’s News for Amz Sellers include intellectual property rights issues and complaints, specifically trademark bullying.

Lot of people don’t know, but PopSocket lost a major case in court, yet they are still harassing sellers all over the world.

Restricted product suspensions are on the rise, fair pricing suspensions and Amazon’s seemingly back door getting around antitrust violations.

The new terms of service, specifically the portion of the new terms of service, your contract with Amazon, as it pertains to private label sellers and the increasing intellectual property rights that Amazon is forcing you to release to Amazon.

Trademark bullying has been recognized by the United States Congress for about a decade. Where brands are using the trademarks that they have in ways they’re not supposed to.

You need to make sure that you are permitted to sell the products because you’re listing products, you’re getting knocked down and they’re not just knocking down the listing. Amazon is taking down accounts for selling restricted products. So be very careful. Clearly no CBD. There are issues like radar detectors in portions of Canada and if you’re not sure whether you can or cannot sell the product that you have access to, call us for a free consultation.

Restricted product suspensions have suddenly increased dramatically.

Fair pricing suspensions continue to increase. What Amazon is doing is suspending sellers based upon their pricing even though there is a total absence of price gouging. It seems like this is Amazon’s a backdoor way of getting around antitrust problems that they had a few months ago where Amazon voluntarily, or seemingly voluntarily, withdrew its policy where you had to sell on Amazon cheaper than any place else online. Or you couldn’t sell any place else online cheaper than you were on Amazon ‘because we believe Amazon was fearful that the Trump administration was going to go after them for antitrust violations.

If you’ve been suspended for a fair pricing violation and you were not engaging in price gouging, call us for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.

You have to look at paragraph four. Amazon has dramatically increased the amount of intellectual property right waivers that brands and private label sellers are giving to Amazon. They changed the language. They also added the words “material”. So whatever materials you are putting on your products or with your products and selling through Amazon, you’re waving intellectual property rights that are contained in those materials.

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