The Most Common Amazon Suspensions: inauthentic, used sold as new, and intellectual property complaints.

Most Common Amazon Suspensions

We are in the process of updating our book, “Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions“. The first portion of the book to be updated will be the most common reasons for suspensions: inauthentic, used sold as new, and intellectual property complaints.

Additionally, we are seeing a lot of business verification suspensions. Many sellers are getting suspended because they are not submitting the documentation that Amazon is requesting.

When sellers get hit with a business verification suspension, they need to make sure that they provide Amazon with the information they have requested, such as a utility bill.

Oftentimes, sellers sign up for an account and they don’t provide a copy of their utility bill for whatever reason. Shortly thereafter, their account becomes suspended and they do not know why it happened. Sellers forget that this is their first contact with Amazon and by not being compliant, they are already raising flags with Amazon. When providing information to Amazon, be sure that the names on the utility bill and the Amazon account match.

The number of Amazon sellers is increasing exponentially. When this book was originally written, there were approximately 2 million sellers; currently, that number has grown to an estimated number of over 5 million sellers.

The reason for this is simple: Amazon has reached out to factories and middlemen in China, they have approached sellers here in the United States over and over again to open up multiple accounts. Also, the private label brands that sellers are creating are increasing the number of sellers across the board.

If an Amazon representative approaches you to open another account, be sure to get a written OK for multiple accounts.

Our updated book should be out by September 2019; inauthentic is still by far the number one reason that sellers become suspended. Intellectual property complaints are rampant, but as Amazon sellers develop private label brands, they will be protecting their own brands rather than defending themselves against baseless complaints. Additionally, verification issues are a huge problem for new sellers.

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