Litigation 101 for Amazon Sellers: Choosing the Right Attorney

If you’re an Amazon seller and you have to fight fire with fire (meaning, suing a seller or a brand that made a false complaint against you) finding an attorney who knows Amazon is the first step.

Litigation 101: I want to tell you how general litigation works when sellers hire us to start lawsuits against people & companies who have harmed their businesses.

First, you probably found us by doing a Google search, looking for an Amazon lawyer, or Amazon attorney, or Amazon litigation, or you did a search on YouTube, or found us in a Facebook group where we are known as the number 1 law firm in the world when it comes specifically to Amazon sellers issues.

The next step is to call us on our toll free number 1-877-9-SELLER. Call us, and you’re going to speak with either Brett Sondike, Jenn McDonald, or Declan Levine, and if they’re busy, I will pick up the phone. Then we’re going to gather information from you. If your account was doing 5, 10, $20,000 a week or more, you’re absolutely ripe to defend yourself, to assert your claims in court, to recover damages from whoever caused your account to go down. This is entirely separate from bringing a claim against Amazon, where you’re stuck in arbitration. This is seller vs. seller or seller vs. brand, and that is one of the first things we do in our analysis. How much money are you losing on a weekly basis / monthly basis?

As soon as either Jenn, or Brett, or Declan have your information, they’re going to do what’s called a live hand off. They’re going to intercom me. They’re going to intercom Neil Flynn, our senior litigation attorney. They’re going to say, “We have a seller on the line that needs to speak with a lawyer right now who knows litigation.” Between me and Neil Flynn, we have over 50 years of actual litigation experience, actually being in state and federal court, trying cases, deposing witnesses. We have been involved in many many trials.

When you speak with either me or Neil, we’re going to dig into the details with you even before you retain us and we’re going to find out: What are your losses? Who caused those losses? What are the merits of your case? We’re also going to evaluate a very important issue. When you win that litigation, if you win that litigation, is there some place to collect? We are going to first identify the amount of money that you’re losing, the strengths or weaknesses of your claims, and most importantly, your goals. If your goal is to recoup money, there must be a place to collect that money at the end of the day. Most lawyers who’ve never tried a case don’t realize this.

There’s absolutely no point in filing a lawsuit for money damages, unless there’s a place to collect at the end of the day.

There could be other reasons to bring your litigation, even if collecting is going to be difficult or impossible. One of the goals of your litigation may be to get an order stopping that party from further harm or requiring that party to take back whatever complaint or whatever degradation they did to your Amazon based business.

These are just some of the topics that we will review with you in person on that first phone call without charging you a penny to accomplish two things: One, to give you the lay of the land. What are your rights? What are your remedies? Number two, to determine whether or not it is worthwhile for you to pursue litigation.

If you want to learn more about how this law firm helps Amazon sellers file claims against other sellers / big brands, contact us for a free consultation. You can speak with me, or you can speak with Neil Flynn. We are here for Amazon sellers seven days a week.

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