Listing Restrictions on Amazon: Gated Categories & Products Requiring Prior Approval Before Selling

Anthony Zhang, paralegal at Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall PC, the law firm behind, talks to you about selling gated products on Amazon.

Amazon contains many products you can list without any issue, however there are a specific group of products that require prior approval before listing them. These products are considered “gated” on the Amazon platform.

Categories & Brands: Prior Approval Necessary

Listing restrictions include categories such as personal safety and household products, fine art, jewelry, automotive & powersports, etc. are all examples where you need prior approval. There are also brands that require prior approval to list on. Apple, Nike, and Keurig are a few names requiring approval. To list on these categories and brands, sellers will need to fill out an application and provide valid supplier invoices. These invoices will essentially show Amazon where the products come from start to finish and demonstrate the authenticity of these products.

Do Your Research: Listing on Pre-existing Listings

We’ve seen many sellers receive complaints from brand owners, or their listing taken down for listing on a preexisting listing without doing their research. Many third-party sellers create unofficial listings for gated brands and categories to circumvent the application process. Often those listings get taken down once it’s brought to Amazon’s attention and if you happen to be one of the sellers on the listing, it can cause unnecessary disruption to your selling experience.

We urge you to put in the work upfront & ensure you have prior approval before listing gated products.


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