CJ Rosenbaum has always represented entrepreneurs and businesses way before even Amazon existed.

Sellers need somebody who could write great Plans of Action with college educated writers who not only know the legal issues, but also the non-legal issues.

If you have an inauthentic suspension, used sold as new, or high ODR and you need a POA written for you, we’re the best company helping Amazon sellers. We have a fantastic team in New York.

If you are a Chinese seller, or a seller any place else in the world and you have been accused of violating someone’s intellectual property rights, only a law firm can deal with that. We are the #1 law firm dealing with intellectual property issues as they pertain to Amazon sellers. No one has the experience that we have, no one has the knowledge, no one is as focused on Amazon like we are.

We have written 3 different books (and more to come!) We have analyzed every single case and lawsuit that Amazon was involved in, so that we know what they argued, when they argued it, and how they argued it. We also represent 75% of all cases against Amazon on behalf of sellers that go to arbitration.