Amazon Sellers’ News 10/3/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: IP Complaints by Brands, Brand Enforcement & Upcoming Events for Amazon Sellers

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2. Brand Enforcement v Sellers by non-legal firms: IP Complaints
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IP complaints against sellers by brands.

Intellectual property right complaints by brands are growing every single day. It is the number one source of calls, chats and emails they’re sending to us.

First, Vorys letters. If you’re receiving letters from Vorys, I want you to know that the vast majority of their claims are baseless, BUT if they’re making a claim against you for interfering with a contract, that claim may have merit. We are experienced in dealing with Vorys letters, we are in communication with Vorys lawyers more than I wish to admit. So if you receive a Vorys letter, get in touch with us.

IP complaints lead to companies involved in brand enforcement.

To me, this is like outsourcing of the practice of law. If you receive from MarkMonitor, e-Enforce, or other law firms like Vorys including GBC, Gaffigan, David Gulbransen, any other law firms who are getting involved, give us a call 1-877-9-SELLER. We’ll look at those letters and we’ll let you know right away whether the claims that they’re making against you are clearly baseless or whether they might have merit or not. And also no matter what a lawyer writes to you, you have zero obligation to provide them any information about your sales, your suppliers, or anything else. You don’t have to tell them anything at all. Law firms are not judges.

We have dealt with more false accusations that sellers are selling counterfeit products than I can count.

Search our website for articles and videos so you can learn what the issues are. And if you never delivered a product or if you’re 100% certain that your products are genuine, and a brand has accused you of selling counterfeit, you have great leverage over that brand to get the complaint withdrawn under two different legal theories: defamation and interference with your contract with Amazon. You have to be sure you never delivered the product or the products you delivered were not counterfeit. Counterfeit complaints are an entirely different kettle of fish than the other intellectual property right complaints that are asserted against sellers every day.

Amazon Sellers’ News 10/3/19: Upcoming Global Events

Seller Labs is holding an online summit on October 10th. There is also an incredible event in India. And you don’t necessarily have to travel to India, but check out On October 15th I’m going to be in Delhi and I’m going to also be visiting Hyderabad to meet with Amazon’s former employees. CJ will also be in Delhi to make connections and learn how to source products in India where there are no extra tariffs and no trade war against India. October 27th, 28th, and 29th in Hong Kong is global sources, where you can meet with thousands of Chinese factories, thousands of them right in this same building, connected to the airport. Also Schaumburg, Illinois, about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. E-com Chicago is an insanely great event, where sellers unite, share information, support each other. And you also learn from some of the best speakers on earth, including our own Travis Stockman, one of our lawyers here. Travis Stockman is going to be there speaking.

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