A short but comprehensive webinar especially dedicated to sellers who are looking for profitable finances.

Inventory Financing & Daily Cash Flow

CJ Rosenbaum with Vicky Sullivan from Payability.com, the organization that boosts your cash flow and gives you more control on your business. The seller gets access to their earnings every day and eliminates the process of waiting for two weeks while dealing with their cash.

How does it help?

Payability Inventory Financing & Daily Cash FlowIt provides a regular cash flow for your business and allows you to manage your own cash. Also, it adds stability as this specific practice evaporates debts that as an Amazon seller you had to take. And, like it has been said in Economics “Cash is King” in any business and the Big Giant isn’t any different. With a constant cash flow, you can regularly pay to the distributors and move your inventory forward. All this gives you a competitive edge over sellers. It’s not a false statement, that nobody wants to miss out on a single sale especially during the holiday season.

If you can get your own money back in the shortest span of time, it can be reinvested and enhances your business multiple folds. The nut and bolt stay in the flow of cash and rather than taking money from someone else or touching the credit card limit, you can always have requisite amount with Payability by your side.

How does it work?

Payability.com systematically cuts short the time taking process in the most transparent manner. Here is the workflow:

  • While selling products on Amazon.com it normally takes 2 weeks to get your payout from Amazon.
  • With Payability.com your earning takes the driver’s seat and transfers your earnings to your bank account or to your prepaid Payability card where you can earn 2% cash back.

What’s the deal?

Payability takes a simple 2% flat fee based on your monthly sales. They’ll pay you 80% of what Amazon owes you and keep the other 20% reserve. What makes them unique is that, if you are selling a lot, you can get regular cash and buy more inventory as there’s absolutely no limit regarding the cash flow.