Interview with Co-Founder of Nozani about Amazon Optimization

Amazon optimization:

CJ Rosenbaum and Thaddaeus J.Hay of discuss how Amazon sellers can obtain better positions for their products on Amazon.

Amazon Sellers Focus on Products Appearance

Around half of Amazon consumers buying products from Amazon third party sellers use their smart phones. Amazon sellers need to focus on how their products appear. Amazon sellers need to have great images. Images that explain the advantages of the Amazon seller’s product are better.

Listing Optimization for Amazon Sellers

Optimization for Amazon Sellers includes using the maximum content available. Amazon sellers should utilize maximum character length while creating titles, bullet points and descriptions.

Amazon Sellers and Negative Reviews

Thaddaeus explains to CJ Rosenbaum how Amazon Sellers can address negative reviews. If an Amazon seller is selling a shoe and someone gave it a negative review because of a sizing issue, the Amazon Seller should use that information to make his or her listing better. Amazon Sellers should try to address the negative reviews to build the credibility of the brand. helps Amazon Sellers with their search optimization and conversion. helps Amazon sellers increase their product’s visibility on Amazon. helps Amazon Sellers focus on creating a story with their listings. helps Amazon Sellers reach their true potential.

Amazon Sellers can email or visit their website

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