Intellectual Property Suspensions: Why Travis Loves Fighting  BS Complaints Asserted Against Sellers

When individuals and Amazon sellers get hit with Intellectual Property Complaints, most are unable to defend themselves against the rights owners without assistance.

Many people are unaware of how IP Law works and even if you are aware, there’s still an entire twist that comes with Amazon’s specific policies that make it somewhat different than law outside of this platform.

If you’re familiar with Amazon, you are aware that when you are trying to appeal these intellectual property complaints, it can be difficult to get the response you need or a reinstatement. That leaves the seller defenseless unless a firm like Rosenbaum Famularo, PC steps in and comes to their defense.

Teddy Roosevelt had a saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

While the team at Rosenbaum Famularo believes that you should try to handle these things yourself, we can also be your ‘big stick’ – we can be your battering ram, we can be your nuclear weapon. When we write a letter to a brand saying, ‘Hey, there’s no copyright, trademark, patent or trade dress violation; there’s no violation here’, they look us up and they respond. It’s very rare that we get silence; we don’t always get consent, but when we are dealing with a baseless complaint, we do the legal analysis, we contact whoever made that complaint and let them know that their head is on the chopping block too.

If we can’t get a withdrawal, we then write a Plan of Action that refers to our own legal opinion letter and you submit both to Amazon.

In summation, there are 3 steps to take in dealing with Intellectual Property Complaint Suspensions:

1) Analyze the account to see if there’s any Intellectual Property Violation
2) Work to get the complaint withdrawn
3) Send a Plan of Action to

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