Amazon Sellers News 10/23/19: Specialized News for Sellers from CJ Rosenbaum: Increased IP Complaints, ASIN Variation Abuse & Parent – Child Listings, Global Sources Hong Kong & Inside Information from Amazon’s Staff in India.

Inside information directly from Amazon staff in Hyderabad, India.

I started in Hyderabad, I found Amazon’s offices, and I went up to people during their smoking breaks and just grilled them for information. So this entire series of videos, I have 14 different topics to discuss with you, the entire series of videos is solely and exclusively about inside information that I obtained from Amazon staff in India.

Now, I had to be a bit careful because there are certain ethical rules since Amazon is represented by attorneys that we deal with every single day in our arbitration against Amazon. But under Washington law, New York law and the American Bar Association’s model rules, I was entirely allowed to speak with lower-level staff who were not involved in our cases. So that’s what I did, over and over and over again I approached different people working for Amazon during their smoking breaks to get you inside information. And that’s what this entire series of videos is about.

I have poled my team here and 80%, of the calls, chats, and emails we are receiving today have to do with IP complaints.

If you are selling other branded goods and you receive an IP complaint, the system is the same, but you have to act fast. Try and get a retraction by analyzing the IP complaint, showing that you did not violate anybody’s IP rights. If you can’t get that retraction, go to notice dispute. If you do get the attraction, a quick simple down and dirty plan of action. But IP complaints have been absolutely rampant.

For some reason today, ASIN Variations are the other 20% of our calls and doing parent-child listings improperly.

If you are not sure how to use parent-child listings, if you’re not sure what you can or cannot put in your listing when it comes to your description, contact us or check our blog. These types of suspensions are absolutely rampant.

Global Sources in Hong Kong next week, it is a fantastic event right at the Hong Kong airport.

I was just there a couple of days ago on my way back from India. I met a client at Hong Kong airport. There was no sign of any problems, no protesters. Everything was nice and smooth and easy and that’s exactly where Global Sources is October 27, 28 and 29. And you could literally meet with thousands of Chinese factories right there at the airport in the same building.

What I learned from interviewing Amazon staff.

Now, here’s precisely what I did. I spent six weeks trying to get people on LinkedIn and Facebook to try and hire people to set up meetings and I utterly failed. So when I got to India, I found where Amazon’s office was near my hotel, not the main campus, but one of their satellite offices. And I literally went there and as Amazon’s team members were taking breaks, I approached them one by one or sometimes in groups and said, “Hey, do you work for Amazon?” And when they said yes, I engaged them in conversation. I must have spoken to about a dozen different teams and over 30 different people. And from each one, I would get more and more inside information. As soon as they went back in after that break, I would dictate my notes on my phone. I then reduce those into notes, and those are being made into videos.

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