Inauthentic Amazon Suspensions: Ashley’s Top 5 Tips for Sellers

CJ Rosenbaum & Ashley DiPinto talk about the top 5 issues for sellers when it comes to inauthentic suspensions or loss of ASINs.

#1. IDENTIFY THE ROOT CAUSE: Find out why the seller was suspended. We usually look at performance notifications, customer feedback, A-Z claims, charged back claims, buyer messages, and account health. You have to identify what is really causing the underlying problem.

#2. SATISFY THE CUSTOMER: If you do get negative comments or negative feedback and the customer requests a refund or replacement, you should give it to them.

#3. MAINTAIN INVOICE ACCURACY: We recommend that your invoices are within the last 365 days. Make sure all the supplier information is on there and make sure that the address on the Amazon account, the email you used, and the invoices match up. If Amazon can’t find the information, then they can’t identify the supplier. Make sure to always match the quantities and the orders. You also want to make sure that the price of the product makes sense when it comes to the wholesale market. We don’t recommend that you redact anything. If there is a place for handwriting on the invoice then there should be handwriting on there and vice versa. All the fonts should match up so that it looks real.

#4. EXAMINE YOUR INVOICES: You need to look at your own invoices and find out why anybody would think this invoice is fake and then address it head-on.

#5. CONSIDER CALLING SELLER SUPPORT: We have seen seller support give clients helpful hints to show what clients are missing or give reinstatements. Be friendly to the person on the other side of the phone.