Inauthentic Amazon Suspensions: Private Label Sellers

Inauthentic suspensions are the #1 cause of either your entire Amazon account going down or losing your best ASINs.

How to deal with an inauthentic suspension if you’re a Private Label Seller:

1. Provide Supplier Invoices: Send Amazon your emails from the inception of your idea all the way through obtaining your prototype, and all the way through obtaining your actual product. Highlight the portions that you think are relevant. Make it easy for the person over at Amazon.

2. Send Drawings: Send in your drawings to Amazon to really show that this is your product and that that inauthentic suspension doesn’t make any sense.

3. Send Plans: Whatever plans you have to develop your product with: a timeline, project management software etc. (the plans that you had from the idea all the way through to the production of your product), provide it to Amazon. Your plans are a really great source of your information.

4. Send Receipts: Send airline tickets or even your receipts and invoices that you have for all the aspects of developing your product and your sourcing. It doesn’t do anything to really address the authenticity of your product, but it is persuasive.

5. Send Pictures: Give Amazon pictures of every step of the way.

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