Amazon Sellers’ News 12/5/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Inauthentic Suspensions, IP Complaints about Books Listed as Used & Private Label Brand Protection

Inauthentic suspensions have started to rise dramatically yesterday.

You need to know about it because you’re an Amazon seller. I want you to have each and every one of your invoices scanned and ready to go. I want you to look at our presentations regarding what should and what should not be on invoices before you send them to Amazon. But, if you receive an inauthentic for either a listing or your entire account, you need to be able to send a well documented, concise, persuasive plan of action with your invoices at the drop of a dime.

Intellectual property right complaints against booksellers selling used books.

We’ve seen a steady number of suspensions regarding this issue. We’ve also seen a steady number of litigation cases against booksellers for selling used books, and the main allegation is that the books are counterfeit. The problem with counterfeit books is that the color of the ink is often better. The colors are richer than the real books because they’re coming out of India where the ink is manufactured. So you need to be careful. We started to see a significant uptick in the number of calls, emails, and chats regarding IP complaints against booksellers selling used books.

Private Label Brand Protection

As Amazon sellers have learned to work the dashboard, as they have learned to become better sellers, the way they build value in their account, the way they build their own assets, is to develop their own private label brands. What we’re starting to see is an increase of private label sellers protecting their brands like hawks. We help private label sellers develop their brands, police them and protect them, and there’s been a significant increase in private label sellers using the same exact tools as the big brands to protect their sales.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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