Things needed on invoices before you submit them to Amazon:

Information on receiving an inauthentic suspension or loss of an ASIN.

The top 5 things to make sure are on your invoices – from the distributor or wherever you are sourcing your products:

1. NO LIQUIDATORS – If you are submitting an invoice to Amazon, you have to make sure that it is not from a liquidator. Do not buy from liquidators who have liquidator in their name. Do not submit invoices to Amazon with the word liquidator on them.

2. SOURCE’S ADDRESS AND GOOGLE EARTH – Make sure that the invoice has an address for your distributor or for whoever you are sourcing. You need to check that address and run a Google Earth search on that address because that is what Amazon’s staff is going to do.

3. SOURCE’S WEBSITE – Every invoice from your source should have a website that works. If there is a domain name on there, you want to make sure that domain works and it is the domain of the distributor. If, at all possible, before you source your goods, make sure that the website has some link to the brand you are purchasing.

4. SOURCE’S EMAIL ADDRESS – Your distributor should have an email address. This isn’t a requirement, but it certainly makes your invoices look stronger and certainly makes Amazon’s evaluators’ jobs easier. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have an email address from the distributor which Amazon can write to and hopefully get a response from.

5. SOURCE’S TELEPHONE NUMBER – The #1 thing you want to make sure you have on your invoice is a phone number to your distributor / wholesaler. More and more, Amazon is making phone calls to the distributors and asking about your invoice, or whether you purchased products from them. You want to make sure the phone number works and somebody picks up.

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Inauthentic Suspensions & Distributor Info.

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