Inauthentic suspension on Amazon? Reinstatement is in the details.

We recently had a client come to us for assistance with an inauthentic suspension. An inauthentic suspension is the #1 reason for an account getting suspended and the #1 reason for a seller to lose a listing (ASIN) or a group of ASINs.

Essentially, our client had been selling towels and sheets. When it comes to the description of a product on Amazon, you want that description to be as detailed as possible. A seller needs to double check to ensure that the SKU, UPC code, description, name of product, size, available colors and versions of the product must match the listing description EXACTLY.

Occasionally, inauthentic suspensions require a thorough investigation of invoices; however this issue was relatively simple. Our client was listing on normal ASINs; mostly towels, bed sheets and such. The main issue was that the dimensions of the products being sold did not match up to the listing description. For example, our client was selling a towel with dimensions that were 20 x 15, after reviewing the invoices, we noticed that they were not matched up correctly. The measurements on the invoices were listed as 20 x 12. This mismatch between the product and listing was enough to have our client’s account suspended.

In our appeal to Amazon, we noted the mistakes made by our client and explained that the error was an oversight, which was being corrected. Amazon reinstated the account and our client was back up and running relatively quickly.

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