We worked on an inauthentic case for a client who sold bluetooth & Alexa compatible aroma diffusers.

With this case, our client was mixing up their inventory between the bluetooth compatible and Alexa compatible diffusers. He was selling bluetooth compatible aroma diffusers and also diffusers which were compatible with Amazon Alexa apps (a person could request that Alexa play music while additionally enjoying fresh fragrances).

Customers who received the product were unsatisfied with their purchase because they had received a product that did not work as described. One thing to always remember when listing on Amazon is to be sure that your items match the listing description exactly.

Our law firm stepped in to draft an appeal (Plan of Action) on our client’s behalf.

A plan of action (POA) is basically an exercise in persuasive writing. It usually consists of 3 parts:

1) Root Cause: The root cause is the problem that Amazon wants you to address. To find the root cause of a suspension, the seller needs to do a deep dive into their business practices to identify the cause of the issue and take ownership of the problem. The sellers goal in this part of the POA is simply to identify the problem while maintaining a positive outlook.

2) Immediate Remedy: A seller should directly address the concerns or issues outlined in the root cause. The seller needs to show Amazon, not just tell them, what they have immediately done to remedy the problem. This is a necessary step in order to get an account back up and running. Remember, Amazon is all about customer satisfaction.

3) Long Term Systemic Changes to Your Business: The final part of a POA outlines what changes the seller is going to make to prevent future complaints. This is where a seller explains how they will improve their practices to be a better Amazon seller.

Our client followed the rules:

They sourced the diffusers directly from the manufacturer, had invoices to account for the quantity sold and even had a trade agreement with the manufacturer. These are all good steps to show Amazon that our client was sourcing products in authentic condition and therefore, should not be any question as to the authenticity of the product.

Plan of Action for an inauthentic suspension on Amazon:

Our plan of action for this inauthentic case included all of this information. We further explained to Amazon that our client was going to hire additional employees for quality control to verify that their inventory was organized and separated to ensure that customers would get the correct items.

Our client submitted the appeal and we are currently awaiting Amazon’s response..

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