Importance of Facebook Groups When Building an FBA Business.

How to take advantage of Social Media when building your business

One of the key ingredients in building a successful business is the right information. One idea can potentially bring you thousands of dollars of profit. How can you obtain the right information?

There are multiple ways like (online) courses, business coaches, trial and error (being one of the least efficient and time and money consuming ones). The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to obtain the information surrounding yourself with people who were at one point where you are now in your business and now they are where you would like to be in the (near) future.

We are now talking about FBA businesses and one of my favorite ways to obtain useful information is asking a specific question in a Facebook group for FBA sellers. There are many problems you will face while building your FBA business which are not covered in courses or which are very specific and related to your exact situation – whatever that might be.

For example, you wish to start selling a product on, which only has the option to be fulfilled by Merchant (because it doesn’t fit the FBA criteria) and now you are looking for a warehouse that can fulfill your orders in Germany? You can get a few recommendations within hours (or even minutes) if you ask your question in the right Facebook group.

Here I present you a few Facebook groups for FBA sellers which are really helpful:


  • Amazon PPC Trouble Shooting — Sponsored Ads & AMS


Brian Johnson and the community will answer all your question regarding Amazon ads.


  • Amazon EU: VAT and TAX Questions (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, PL, CZ)


Christoph Prokeš, Miguel Gallego, Cristian Noguera and the community will answer all your questions regarding VAT and taxes in the EU


  • The Amazing European Seller (DE, UK, FR, ES and IT)


General topics about selling in the EU


  • FBA Today (Amazon Selling)



  • Private Label Journey (Deutschprachig, FBA)


This group is for Germans or people speaking the German language.


  • Amazon SEO


This group is also for Germans or people speaking the German language.


  • Amazon FBA Competitive Edge


General topics on FBA


  • FBA Wizard


General topics on FBA


I just want to leave you with two tips, before ending this post:

  1. You can search for Facebook groups to promote your product at a discounted price, but be very careful and read the group’s policy. Keep in mind that asking the buyer to leave a review is against Amazon’s TOS. You should only use Facebook groups for launching your products and for getting a better BSR and not to obtain reviews!
  2. Don’t get distracted on Facebook. This is something I personally struggle with. I always have a few notifications here and there from my friends. Be disciplined!


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