How to Resolve a 72 Hr Amazon Suspension Notice

Quite a few of our clients have received 72 hour suspension notifications regarding intellectual property complaints. This means that the seller has 72 hours to submit an appeal to Amazon.

What Amazon is requesting is a Plan Of Action, which, once drafted by the talented staff at Rosenbaum Famularo PC, will contain proof of authenticity as well as preventative and corrective measures. The suspension can include any intellectual property complaints that are still lingering on the seller’s accounts.

A Plan of Action is typically comprised of three parts: Root Cause, Immediate Corrective Action, and Systemic Changes to your Business.

The Root Cause will identify the reason for the complaints. As Amazon will not always provide specific information regarding the reason for the suspension, a seller will have to do a deep dive of their account to figure out the exact cause. They should examine their performance notifications, feedback, and the email from Amazon itself.

The Immediate Corrective Action is what the seller is going to do to immediately fix the problem at hand. Amazon wants to see that sellers are doing whatever it takes to keep consumers happy. For example, if there is a problem with the item sold, send the customer a new one free of charge.

The Preventative Corrective Measures are ways that will show Amazon that the sellers have improved their business practices and will remain compliant in the future. In this section, sellers need to show Amazon the changes that are going to be made to their business practices to ensure that the current issue will not occur again down the line.

Many of our clients had 20 or more intellectual property complaints, so we had to draft appeals showing that we had reached out to the rights owners. For those complaints that had already been resolved, we also submitted additional explanations to Amazon so our client’s accounts would not be suspended after the 72 hours was up.

Oftentimes, when you have a listing reinstated that resulted from an intellectual property complaint, it will remain on your account health. Amazon does not remove intellectual property complaints from your account health right away; it can take up to 180 days to be removed.

Many sellers, especially if they are not selling the product anymore, tend to either get rid of the invoices or get rid of the retraction. It is very important that sellers keep hold of the retraction correspondence, as well as the invoices they have for any of the ASINs just in case they receive a 72 hour performance notification with any of those ASINs still on the account. This will allow the seller the ability to appeal and show Amazon that this has actually been reinstated and resolved and needs to be taken off of their account.

Once the Plan of Action is complete, it gets submitted to Amazon. At that point, Amazon will respond to let you know that either your account has been reinstated or that they require further information.

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