IP ALERT: How to Handle Intellectual Property Infringement Complaints Asserted Against AMZ Sellers

Multiple intellectual property complaints, how we handle them? How you can handle them?

Number one, you always want to address the most recent intellectual copyright complaints first. Start at the most recent, work your way backwards.

Number two, are there any valid grounds for the complaint? I mean, a lot of times you guys are subjected to absolutely baseless counterfeit complaints, but all types of IP complaints can be baseless as well. So number two, are there any legitimate grounds for the complaint that was made against you?

Step three, whether the complaint has merit or it is totally baseless, the goal is the same. Try and get the complaint retracted. It is the fastest, most efficient way to get your listing back, the fastest way to get your account back.

Step number four, go back to Amazon. If you get the retraction, it is really easy. If you don’t get the retraction, then you loop back to show, one, they don’t own the rights to the complaint. Number two, the complaint was baseless. Number three, we reached out to them and the email bounced back. There are dozens of scenarios. This is how we win reinstatement after multiple IP complaints. And this is how you can try and do it yourself.

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