How to Get Verified Reviews Effectively on Amazon

Professional sellers who make a living on Amazon are well aware of product reviews’ impact on their businesses.

Amazon shoppers rely on product reviews to get to know the products better and make informed decisions before purchasing an item. Furthermore, seasoned shoppers not only check reviews on Amazon, but they also look at reviews with the Amazon Verified Purchase badge, which are more valuable and trustworthy.

What is the Verified Purchase Badge?

In general, Amazon has allowed customers to leave reviews on any product they may not have necessarily purchased through Amazon. However, fake reviews are a growing problem on Amazon since many sellers have been giving products out for a free or providing deep discount on items in exchange for positive reviews. Customers tend to trust reviews with a “Verified Purchase” badge more than unverified reviews. The Amazon Verified Purchase badge means that the person writing the review purchased the product at Amazon without a deep discount.

How to Get Verified Reviews Effectively on Amazon

Why sellers need Verified Reviews?

Reviews on Amazon plays an important role in exposure and visibility, and it is also the key factor in the Amazon algorithm for product search rank. The algorithm gives greater weight to verified reviews and helpful votes when ranking product pages. In other words, Verified Reviews increase the average ranking score, which helps boost exposure and sales for sellers. It is not the sheer volume of the reviews that matter to Amazon and consumers alike, sellers should aim to get Verified Reviews as much as possible.

How to get Verified Reviews?

A Verified Purchase Badge is given to reviews based on actual purchases. Other than selling good quality products and creating detailed product pages that attract customers, you can generate verified product reviews by becoming a Vendor and enroll in the Vine Program or Amazon Early Reviewer Program. In addition to those Amazon programs, sellers can also try to increase orders by running a PPC campaign, offering discounts and using Amazon Giveaway, as long as they’re not offered in exchange for reviews.

After you get your sales going, follow up with stellar customer services to show that you care about your customers to encourage buyers to leave product reviews.

The key to effectively increasing the number of verified reviews is sending professional Feedback/Review request emails to the right person at the right time. Here are the steps to create a post-sale review request emails that have good email rates to increase your chance of getting more reviews and feedback.

Make a great subject line

It doesn’t matter what contents you have in your emails if a subject line fails to entice your recipients. Therefore, it’s critical to make sure that your email subject line is simple and short. Ideally, keep an email subject under 60 characters to avoid the subject being cut-off by an email interface. As for mobile devices, keep your subject to just 25 to 30 characters. Additionally, personalizing the subject with recipients’ name can make them feel special and they are more likely to open your emails. You can also consider including important and worthwhile information in the subject line to grab recipients’ attention.

Customize your content

Now that you’ve come up with an outstanding email subject to lure recipients to open your emails.. You will need to engage your audience with your email content. Focus your message on customer satisfaction rather than requesting reviews bluntly. Ask whether your products have met customer’s expectation, and how you would help to improve customer’s experience if the person is not happy with the product or service. You should also customize your email with graphics or themes to make them more appealing to buyers. The more personalized email that has relevant content to customers, the more likely they will leave you reviews.

Email schedule

It’s time to set an email campaign to send out your carefully crafted emails. But wait! When is the best time to send out emails? If you want to find the best time to schedule your emails, you can take the general best practice as a reference. A study suggests the best day and time to send emails is on Tuesday at 10 am. Since our email is a post-sale follow-up email, it should be sent a few days after delivery confirmation so that customers have time to experience the product before forming their own opinions.

Email sending frequency

Frequency refers to how often you send emails to the recipients. You need to be cautious with the number of emails you send to your buyers because you want to get their responses instead of annoying them.

Test different settings with experiments

Test different subject lines, content, and delivery time to see which works best. Conduct A/B testing to determine the best way to receive responses from your customers. There are many factors that may impact your email open rate and click through rate, so it is crucial for you to learn from your tests to improve your email campaign success rate.

Consider AI-powered email automation

As your sales increase, it’s overwhelmingly difficult to manually send out emails to your buyers efficiently. To ease your burden, you would need a smart and powerful email tool which automates all your emails. BQool Feedback Central is your number one choice. Their automated email tool can also help you customize email campaigns and its AI-Powered Email Subject and AI-Powered Smart Schedule can automatically assign the most optimal email subject to an email and sets the best delivery time for each email campaign. AI-Powered Solution removes the need to conduct A/B testing and create emails that your customers want to click on.

BQool Feedback Central will help you get more feedback and reviews effortlessly.


Building a fantastic reputation is very important for Amazon sellers. And having a good reputation is a great way to make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors. It’s time to be proactive in managing your reputation and unlock the full potential of your business. Start getting feedback and reviews now and strive for greater success on Amazon.


How to Get Verified Reviews Effectively on Amazon

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