How to Get Amazon to Reimburse You for Lost or Damaged Inventory – Arbitration Against Amazon

Lost or destroyed Amazon inventory is a huge source of arbitration against Amazon.

When Amazon loses your inventory, or has destroyed/disposed of your inventory, you are entitled to money damages from Amazon.

taking Amazon to arbitrationYour money damages at arbitration include the sale price of your goods as if Amazon never lost or destroyed them, less FBA fees.

If you win at arbitration over lost or destroyed inventory, you will recover money that is exactly what you would have obtained if the products had been sold to consumers.

Now, arbitration is not for everybody.

If Amazon has lost or destroyed $100 or $500 worth of inventory, it’s simply not worth it. But if it’s $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 of your inventory and you can’t seem to get Amazon to amicably take responsibility and send you money, arbitration is your form of dispute resolution.

According to Amazon’s lawyers, we represent 75% of all sellers in arbitrations brought against Amazon.

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For addition information on how to get Amazon to reimburse you:

When Amazon Sellers Should Take Amazon to Arbitration

Moving forward, Amazon will not reimburse you if you are an FBA user and your products are damaged or your inventory is lost. They will, however, compensate you. When you think of compensation, that could be anything. If we know anything, Amazon changes the language to protect itself. Reimbursement always seemed to be the cost of it. There was a whole provision in place that you would get reimbursed the sale price, less FBA fees. But now it’s saying ‘compensate’. We don’t know exactly how Amazon’s going to play this out. Compensate could be like giving you a gift card, or maybe lowering fees, or doing some type of an offset.