At Rosenbaum Famularo, law firm behind, we have helped many Amazon sellers who have received intellectual property complaints. In some of these cases, the complaints are retracted, but the retractions are not recognized by Amazon and stay on the seller’s Amazon dashboard.

What types of things do we do for sellers where we have gotten the complainants to take back the complaint, but the dashboard shows otherwise? How do we get that dashboard back? How do we make it healthy again?

Usually, we will make an appeal with the retraction. Sometimes, we will even go as far as including the retraction language from the email into the appeal. This shows Amazon that this claim that suspended our account has been retracted and it’s time for our account to be reinstated.

Oftentimes, we will help Amazon recognize a retraction. This also follows the fact that many times we will provide the complainant with the email address and the exact language that they can use so that they can effectively withdraw the complaint.

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