As competition has increased on Amazon, so has the demands of repricers.

However, how do you pick a good Amazon repricing software for your business? If you need better and well-constructed repricing software to maximize your chances for getting the Buy Box, here are some of the key concerns you should consider when deciding which repricing software to use.

1. Is the software associated with your marketplace?

The very first thing you should look at is what the marketplace that the software support? It’s easy breezy to see almost all repricers support major Amazon marketplaces. What more you should consider is if it also has integration with other Amazon solution service such as an inventory management tool. Integration can prevent software conflicting issues.

2. Which pricing plan is right for you?

Pricing is an important factor for every Amazon seller looking for an repricer. Most repricing software provides multiple pricing plans from entry-level to enterprise. Price may vary depending on the number of listings the repricer supports. You should examine the repricing features and other add-on values included in the plan that would benefit you.

3. Is it truly data-driven software?

A truly data-driven software allows you to monitor your listing information and the activity of your competitors. It can then combine disparate data into a comprehensive and visualized dashboard or report so that you can conduct better repricing strategies accordingly.

4. How functional is the software?

It’s important to employ a repricer that is equipped to make adjustments to its repricing rule based on different competition scenarios.

Consider these points when choosing a repricer with robust repricing rule:

● Does it stop lowering prices once you get into the Buy Box? (Maximize profit!)
● Does it allow you to compete not just for the lowest price but also the second-to-lowest price, the third-to-lowest price, and the fourth-to-lowest price? (More options!)
● Does it allow you to set different price scenarios when competing with prices greater than, equal to, and less than those in Fulfilled By Merchant listings, Fulfilled By Amazon listings, and Non-Featured Merchants listings?
● Does it allow you to compete for the next optimal price if the competition goes lower than your minimum set price?
● Does it increase your price when you have no competition?
● Does it allow you to exclude specific sellers by ID?
● Does it allow you to ignore competition with Feedback Ratings less than a percentage you determine?
● Does it allow you to set specific live price margins against those of your competition?

5. Is the software region-limited?

Do you sell your products on Amazon US, Amazon CA, and Amazon UK? and more marketplaces? Then you need a repricer that supports multiple marketplaces and be able to function in different currencies and languages. This will remove the limitations of expanding your business.

6. How fast does it reprice?

There is no such thing as a real-time repricer. All repricers need to rely on the price information Amazon provides for repricing process to take place. This process usually takes 15 – 60 minutes depending on the repricing solution providers. So if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors to win the Buy Box, consider a repricer that adjusts listing prices the fastest. BQool Repricing Central can reprice your items in 5 minutes and it is one of the fastest repricer out there.

7. Last but not least, try before you buy!

Many repricers offer a 7-30 day trial with no credit card required, so there is no risk involved trying. Give yourself time to experiment and compare which repricer works best for you.

Are you still comparing different Amazon repricer? You can consider choosing BQool Repricing Central. Repricing Central is a handy repricing tool that partners with a leading inventory management tool to make Amazon selling easier for its users. Additionally, the pricing plan starts from $25 per month that is accessible and approachable to users who have a tiny budget or is new to Amazon. More importantly, 5-min accelerated repricing beats other repricers on the market to compete aggressively and exclusively for Buy Box ownership.

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