How Amazon Sellers Can Prevent Related Account Suspensions & What Can You Do if You Receive One

Hi, this is Brett Sondike with Amazon Sellers Lawyer. Here I am at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine, USA. What am I going to talk to you about today? Related accounts..

We’ve seen a huge amount of related account suspensions over the last few weeks.

People with one account, never opened an account, opposite that never had a problem with the verification process. Never had a problem with anything. These people are also getting related accounts suspensions.

So what can they do? Not much. Obviously you can open a second account if you meet certain criteria with Amazon. They never used to do that, now you can. So take advantage of that and look at that criteria.

But when you have related accounts suspension and you only have one account, the best thing you do is just try to write a persuasive argument to Amazon. It’s an uphill battle. Amazon will always assume that you have two accounts. So if you sign into a public WiFi spot, you’re at a Starbucks or an airport, you may be susceptible to these types of suspensions.

If you have two accounts, be very careful. It’s very easy to be related to another account. Anything between a router with the WiFi, same computer, name, email address, phone number, a whole slew of things. It’s very easy to be caught with this type of suspension. So really, really, really do your research, have almost two separate companies when you try to get both businesses back up and running again.

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