The Holding Company Model – How to Strategically Structure Your Amazon Based Business

Hi everyone. My name is David Miller. I manage our Business Law for Sellers department here at Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

Today I want to discuss structuring your business and how to do it strategically.

Now, there’s something called an IP holding model. Essentially what it is, is there are two companies. A parent company, which is your operating company. And a subsidiary of that operating company, which is referred to as your IP holding company.

Basically, the operating company handles your business operations. That’ll include clients, employees, sales, contracts, and things of that sort.

Your IP holding company owns all of your IP assets. Your trademarks, your copyrights, your patents, and any potential trade secrets.

Now, the reason for doing so, is if your operating company was sued you have that added level of protection, that they can’t come after your IP assets, because they’re under your subsidiary.

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