BREAKING NEWS: Harley Davidson Lawsuit Against Amazon Sellers – GBC Issues Temporary Restraining Orders

Hey Amazon sellers, my name is Jacques Lavaud, paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo. Bet you guys are wondering why I’m wearing sunglasses indoors and why I’m wearing a leather jacket indoors. Well, to answer that question, when you see what Harley Davidson has in store for Amazon sellers, you might grab yourself a pair as well. And not only that, it’s pretty stylish. That being said, GBC has filed a temporary restraining order on behalf of Harley Davidson. Travis is going to talk to you in more detail about this case….

Harley Davidson is claiming that many Amazon sellers have infringed their trademark, not just the term ‘Harley Davidson’, but the logos that they have with it.

Now, if you’ve received notice of this lawsuit, it’s been my way of a temporary restraining order. You’ve likely received the notice from Amazon, indicating your funds have been withheld subject to an ongoing lawsuit.

You’re going to need the plaintiff who filed in this notice with Amazon, this order, to be the one to notify Amazon to remove and release you from this order so that they may release your funds and disburse them back to you.

Typically, a company with this notice from Amazon is an email from GBC, the plaintiff’s attorney, which has a copy of the pleadings as well as a time limitation in which you have to respond to the courts. This is typically served in an alternative form of process service.

If you’ve received this, it’s highly advisable that you seek an attorney. Feel free to call our office. I’d be glad to take a look at the issue for you.


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